Get Inspired or BE the Inspiration …

What is this mission she’s been talking about? Good question…

I’ve partnered with One Mission to ensure that I can be successful in achieving my dreams to help children in need in poverty stricken countries in the Caribbean. My full mission story can be found here:

I’m asking my day ones (supporters😏) to head over to my page and support me in one of 3 simple ways:
There are 3 easy ways YOU can support my Fund:

1. You can purchase any of One Mission’s great products and 40% of what you spend will be donated.

2. You can donate cash (One Mission doesn’t charge a platform fee).

3. You can share this Fund with your friends and family via word of mouth or Repost.
Anyone who knows me knows I hustle towards my dreams. This will be a once in a lifetime experience. I thank you in advance for helping a good cause.

Check out some of the cool merch to support us…

Haitian Metal Art Keychains

Not only are they beautiful, high-quality pieces that you will enjoy for years, but they also provide employment for Haitian people. Win, Win, Win!

My preferred collection: the Give Hope Tote

About the Message: (Give Hope): Just when you feel like giving up, it is Hope that whispers “Try it one more time.” Be a giver of hope.

This heavy, washable canvas tote is made from pure, untreated 10 oz. cotton canvas. (23″ Cotton Straps).

Lastly, this Give Hope muscle tank💪🏽🖤

I love you guys and see you soon

Xoxo🖤 Jaylani

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