Covering FLL Kids Fashion Weekend

So if you have been hiding under a rock this past weekend, you may have missed Fort Lauderdale’s best kept secret! Actually, it was hardly a secret as it was boldly declared that the second annual FLL Kids Fashion Weekend taking place at ArtServe was sure to outdo the previous with headlining fashion designers Moderna Doba, Nino Apparel, Ashley Rose, Gap Kids, Versa Lux Kids and Tiny Appleseed. This event featured some of the most talented young model’s Florida has to offer and they made the back to school Fall collections look real good!

These kids definitely came with intent to slay the runway…

The event was hosted by beautiful fashion model Kate Citron, who eloquently premiered each designer and reminded the audience of how this annual event strives to empower child models by evoking pride and self confidence. She even invited some willing parents and newbie kids to grace the runway for their first time and it was amazing!

How fabulous is that dress?!?

Ambassadors representing the event were the talented Alysson Bodden and Maximilian Charles.

DJ Naqeeb delivered the perfect rhythms to accompany the spirit embodying each collection.

Gap Kids and Versa Lux sponsored the event and proudly previewed what’s hot for Fall fashion as summer fades away.

I admit, I crashed a few interviews (I couldn’t help myself), but again it was so amazing to see such lively, fearless, and beautiful young talent coming to get the job done and parents who support them.

Ashley Rose: Fall colors taking it back to tradition yet her collection puts on a unique spin with flair! We saw cute dress.. some straight… some with poofy skirts. Some plaids and knits… some great fashion for those fall boots!


Nino Apparel: Can I just say I loved ๐Ÿ–ค their graphic tees with bold and edgy design? NYC flavored. These powerful educational tees are infused with empowerment and positive inspirational messages. My favorite part is I was able to keep one (thanks!) I look forward to seeing more from this brand. @ninoapparel

Moderna Doba: very unique ballerina inspired collection was previewed. A modern in time story children’s fashion.. very whimsical! @modernadoba

photographer @visualsbymalone

Versa Lux Kids: Swimwear is still hot for Fall in our region thank goodness. This collection brings all the timeless fantasy, color pop, and trendy design you could ever wish for. I was thrilled to wear this dreamy Ariel themed mermaid swimsuit with my model mentor Valeria. Check out some of the featured looks… @versa_lux_kids

Tiny Appleseed: featured trendy turbans for kiddos as pictured above! A nice accessory to set off a fabulous ensemble no doubt @tinyappleseed

Gap Kids: expect timeless denims and trendy basics with plenty of layering for Fall! Very fun options to pair and very cozy! @gapkids

I cannot wait to see what is in store for the future of these aspiring young models, these fabulous designers and FLL Kids Fashion week collectively…

Stay tuned!!!



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