Fun Photoshoot Locations

Hey guys and dolls! One of my favorite things to do is scout shooting locations to mix it up and to get that perfect backdrop.

A few factors that I like to consider…is the location free or are there low cost permits required? Is it crowded or easily accessible? What are the backdrop imagery options? How far must I travel to get there?

I obviously strive for the free, artsy spots, however, if I really want to pull all the stops or there’s a really special project then I will invest in the permit required havens 😏

If you are scratching your heads wondering where to shoot next maybe you can get inspired by our list. Warning: I’m going to venture off from tourist crowded obvious places like Miami Beach🤐


  • Crandon Beach in Key Biscayne…fairly private, lots of shade, beautiful sand, and ample parking

  • Pompano Beach north of Fort Lauderdale…very tranquil, bright skies, soft sands, historic pier.

Artsy Vibes:

Hollywood Boulevard… if you venture to the side winding streets that intersect downtown Hollywood Boulevard, you will find wall art just like the Wynwood scene. Have fun with the vibrant colors!

  • Wynwood district is great for an editorial backdrop or to go eclectic. It’s a far reach from perfect plain white backdrops for headshots, however, every aspiring model must experience mixing fashion and art!

F.A.T. Village Art district downtown Ft. Lauderdale…edgy street vibe without photobombers of Wynwood. Great for unique headshots and family photos.

Quaint & Charming:

  • Vizcaya Museum & Gardens…a historic and old century landmark. This very romantic location features fountains, gazebos, gardens and private lawns. This popular location does require permits***
  • Las Olas Boulevard… brings old world charm with old fashioned lamp posts, Mediterranean architecture, hidden gardens, small bridges, and plenty of nature and hidden gems here!


  • Tree Tops Park…243 acres of open grassland with a natural lake and interesting trees.

  • Robbins Park in Davie… if you are looking for a country vibe sprawling with nature and hammock trees.

I’m sure if you search around your immediate neighborhood you’d be surprised in finding many inspiring and free locations right in your own backyard! You’ve driven past them many times without a second thought🤔 For example, my favorite spot to achieve the infamous white backdrop is nearby at Hollywood’s Arts Park just minutes from my home. I escape here for easy breezy shoots on the fly.

Lastly, my personal fave are those white cinderblock walls… they come out rocking in photos. I even did some inside the Galleria Mall 👀 secrets exposed! 💙🖤Jaylani

Follow my journey @ModelJaylani

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