Swim Week👙 in Miami

As we wrap up this summer’s hottest week in fashion, Miami is THE #1 place to be in July. If you love cutting edge bikinis and beachwear this is the only locale to catch up and coming and established top designers showcasing what the rest of the world won’t see until many moons later. Miami swimwear collections are known for wild, eccentric never-seen before designs, wearable art, and the most emphatic color pop💗

Let me recap on my personal adventures during Miami Swim Week. I participated in two fashion shows that were highly anticipated.

Sunni Dai- this yearly summer showcase features some of the hottest children’s designer collections and draws in top kid models from various cities. Designers this year included D. Vander, Lila Nikole, Beachboom Swim, Kruzin, Ashley Rose, MIA New York, and Lului Bikinis to name a few. I had the pleasure of modeling a Lului Bikini cover all with a fun print! I was slightly nervous because the room was packed and cameras were rolling, but I came to deliver. KC the Connect was our celebrity stylist and host with the most. The event culminated with the kids F.R.E.S.H. Awards which recognized deserving talents. This was a nice touch to pay homage to and recognize the hard work of many kids working this industry as well as to dedicated parents, photographers, kids magazine, and more. The nice part about this event was its focus on children and recognizing the role we play in this enormous industry.

Next up, the B.Fly Beauty fashion show… Miami’s hidden gem. With so many adult and kid models, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, designers… you name it! It all came together when us kiddies opened up the event so effortlessly and professionally. Christina Gii was our starting host and kept the show running. It only seemed to get better and better as each designer unleashed on the runway with models who came ready to serve!

I walked for the children’s designer Curtrina’s Fashion Boxx in a shimmery midnight blue one piece with beautiful makeup by Paris Peace Beauty. Other designers included C.Carr’s Designs, Kaimori B., Swaggs Rag, Acqua de Luxe, D.Saw Denim, Half- Baked, MHC Boutique, Jazzy Lane Creations, Thiago Real, Status Plus, Britachi Swimwear, and Coco La Bella.

Let’s dive straight in. My top 5 memories of the night:

1. Opening kids runway walk👠

2. DJ Epps spinning the latest 🎧

3. Coco la Bella’s flowering flowing ensembles 👗

4. D.Saw Denim label’s edgy shredded jeans👖✂️

5. Plus size➕ models

Can’t wait to RIP the runway again at next year’s events!

💟 Editor Jaylani

Follow me on IG: @ModelJayani


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