Fashion Finds For Less

Being in the entertainment industry can be costly for parents. The “Model Life” consists of having certain pieces of clothing available for photo shoots. When putting together different looks on your comp cards, you will need at least four different looks. Casting calls sometimes ask for specific clothing to be worn as well, or just trying to keep up with the latest trends for posting snap shots on social media accounts. The best tip I can share that will save you money, is to shop second hand stores and sale racks first before paying full price.

I always head to clearance section in any store first. Kids grow out of things rapidly, especially shoes for kid model in our house. So stores like JCPENNEY, Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy, Target and Marshall’s to name a few is where we like to go search for bargains. We never pay full price for anything and trust me no one can tell 😉

Our favorite second hand store is Good Will. Where we find lightly used skinny jeans, trendy jackets, shoes and basically anything you could be looking for. Items some times still have tags on them or maybe have only been worn a couple times. Depending on the color of the week, you could get a nice dress or faux leather jacket for under five dollars. We’ve picked up designer skinny jeans for three dollars and gap kids trench coat for four dollars. One thing is you have to be willing to go through the racks and have a little patience. It’s worth it, trust me.

We get super excited anytime we score huge deals on trendy designer items. As a model everyday is a fashion show and I love being unique, my Momager keeps me ” Fly” with creativity!

These trendy Jean shorts were 3.00 bucks! We fell in love with them at first glance and had to have them. Pearls and denim are a haute commodity this season.

For more of my journey in this “Model Life”, be sure to follow me @yanieworld on IG and Deayanie Marie on Facebook.

I Don’t Do Fashion, I Am Fashion ❣️



  1. What an informative piece!!! A young fashionista on a budget made simple….I love the concept!!! Thank you for sharing this amazing information!!! Keep shining beautiful💜

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